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It is very crowded on the alley of sakura trees in Uzhgorod, but people were attracted by the "novelty".
07.04.2024 12756 Society
Why was the investigative team called in the city on the Uzh River?
07.04.2024 340 Crime
The locals are surprised and can't believe their eyes.
06.04.2024 1185 Society
A 9-year-old child from the Valky community died in Kharkiv due to complications caused by influenza.
02.04.2024 339 Power
Uzhgorod police found a driver who tried to give a bribe in order to avoid administrative liability.
02.04.2024 149 Crime
Yuriy Holovchak was killed in the Donetsk region a few days ago.
01.04.2024 774 Society
Uzhgorod police detained an 18-year-old suspect who inflicted serious bodily injuries on his 24-year-old acquaintance. The incident occurred during a joint vacation in...
01.04.2024 260 Crime
Uzhgorod law enforcement officers detained an aggressive driver who violated traffic rules and injured a policeman.
29.03.2024 292 Crime
Yesterday at about 18:00 a fire broke out in Uzhgorod on Odeska Street. The fire broke out in an unused building, where garbage caught fire.
29.03.2024 219 Society
A batch of 'goods' and ammunition were seized from the offenders
28.03.2024 398 Crime