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Vasyl Virastiuk, known as the "Strongest Man of Ukraine" and "The Strongest Man in the World", visited the Svalyava community to support young teams in the final battle...
29.03.2024 245 Society
The 46-year-old driver was examined - she was sober behind the wheel.
25.03.2024 658 Crime
One of the communities will say goodbye to 21-year-old soldier Vasyl Tomyshchuk.
22.03.2024 1457 Society
The Zakarpattia Regional Prosecutor's Office served a notice of suspicion to the forester of the Svalyava Forestry branch of extortion and receipt of illegal benefits...
05.03.2024 243 Crime
Defending the country from the enemy, Vasyl Myhovych, Viktor Popovych and Ivan Podopryhora from Svalyava district died .
04.03.2024 801 Society