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Rare birds that settled in Beregovo district began to have offspring.
03.04.2024 309905 Society
Senior Sergeant Yaroslav Bahriy was killed in Zaporizhzhia oblast.
01.04.2024 679 Society
The result of the special operation is positive.
26.03.2024 463 Society
Everyone who loves nature and its "children" has a unique opportunity to observe the nest of rare birds that have settled in Transcarpathia.
19.03.2024 3410 Society
The documentary was shown in the capital of Transcarpathia.
16.03.2024 9779 Culture
Undeclared at the border, 800 kg of elite seeds ended up in a customs warehouse.
13.03.2024 848 Crime
Such transport was useful on one of the streets of the city of Berehovo.
12.03.2024 611 Culture
In Beregovo district, a round-the-clock stream was launched directly from the nest.
08.03.2024 10482 Society