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The alley is almost 1400 meters long.
05.04.2024 4078 Society
A fire broke out in Mukachevo, which led to fatal consequences.
04.04.2024 262 Society
Patrol officers are accustomed to various antics of the residents of the region, but still people continue to surprise them.
01.04.2024 314 Crime
On March 31, at 4:34 p.m., a fire broke out in a warehouse in the city of Mukachevo on Berehivska Bypass Street.
01.04.2024 146 Society
Riveting, beating, pounding, derkach — this is the name of one unique instrument.
30.03.2024 112 Culture
Facebook was amused by a flock of sheep grazing in the center of Uzhgorod.
29.03.2024 379 Society
In Mukachevo, patrol officers stopped a driver who was driving a Skoda car and violated traffic rules.
29.03.2024 250 Crime
Yesterday, at about 6 p.m., patrol police officers of Transcarpathian region stopped a driver who violated traffic rules, driving a Volvo truck.
29.03.2024 157 Crime
An incident with criminal overtones happened in the city above Latoritsa.
28.03.2024 298 Crime