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In Lviv, a 54-year-old local resident developed a bacterial infection after she was probably bitten by an unknown spider.
08.04.2024 170 Society
50 new cameras for auto-fixation of traffic violations will soon start operating in Ukraine. This was stated in an interview by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs...
08.04.2024 193 Society
Information about palm trees in Uzhhorod quickly gained popularity in the media and social networks. At the same time, it became known that this exotic plant is not the...
08.04.2024 1463 Society
Locals still remember how the meteorite fell in the Bereznyi region.
08.04.2024 2737 Society Exclusive
Tisza, whose name often appears in the news, attracts attention with its constant tragedies. According to official statistics, 22 Ukrainians have already died trying to...
08.04.2024 993 Society
The Bushtyn community has lost its defender again.
08.04.2024 2069 Society
Ukraine intends to establish fines for violation of the rules of military registration and legislation in the field of defense and mobilization.
08.04.2024 295 Society
The region has a cherry blossom period. They attract both locals and tourists.
08.04.2024 10383 Society Exclusive