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With the support of the Government of Hungary: it is known that they are reconstructing in Beregovo district with the help of neighbors (VIDEO)

18.03.2024 20:50 Without borders

Reconstruction work will be carried out in the village of Berehujfalu.

Reconstruction work will be carried out in the village of Berehujfalu.

The building of the House of Culture with an area of more than 1000 square meters will become one of the largest projects of the public organization "Carpathian House". A gallery and preparation rooms will be set up here, as well as a theater hall will be restored, which can accommodate 350 spectator seats.

For more details, see the story from TV21 Ungvar:

It is worth noting that Hungary was one of the first countries to consistently send humanitarian goods to Ukraine since the beginning of the war. The country also hosted Ukrainians who were forced to flee the war in Ukraine.

After many refugees from Ukraine went to the neighboring country, Hungary began to support Ukrainians in every possible way, both with free travel on public transport and by arranging education for children from Ukraine. And not just to give children the opportunity to continue their education, but in their native Ukrainian language.

It is known that activists of the Dorcas Service Charitable Foundation opened a center for the reception of migrants from Ukraine for 200 places in Debrecen

Interestingly, the Hungarian and Ukrainian breweries produced a limited edition beer, part of the proceeds from the sale of which were planned to be donated  to a fund that treats wounded soldiers.

Significant assistance from the Hungarian government is also felt in the work of gymnasiums in Transcarpathia. In particular, the Government of Hungary continues to help the Beregovo Lyceum . Gábor Bethlen. Internally displaced persons have been accepted here since the  first days of the war.

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Earlier, EcoPolitic wrote, that Hungary will repair dormitories for IDPs and complete the construction of a waste processing plant in Zakarpattia /VIDEO.

It is also worth adding that recently another batch of aid from the Hungarian city of Chepel was delivered to Beregovo.

It is also worth noting that Hungarian President Katalin Novák spoke at the charity telethon "Save Ukraine – #StopWar".

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It is also worth adding that doctors from Hungary came to Transcarpathia. Hungary also helps the families of fallen Heroes from Zakarpattia. Also, 34 passenger buses from Hungary arrived in Zakarpattia.

We will remind you that earlier we wrote that Hungary has been steadfastly supporting Ukraine for a year and a half, during which time tons of humanitarian aid were delivered to Ukraine, thousands of refugees received support on the territory of Hungary, and children from different parts of Ukraine periodically go to Hungary for rehabilitation.

But recently it became known that Hungary will transfer more than 50 million forints to Berehove, which were received as a result of the sale of candelabras of the Chain Bridge of Budapest at an  auction.

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It is also worth adding that this year Hungarian philanthropists have already come to Transcarpathia. The Reformed Aid Service delivered 150 personalized Christmas gifts to Transcarpathia from kindergarten pupils in the Veszprém region of Hungary. The gifts were handed over to five educational institutions in our region.

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