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"The little one wants to close him from the whole world": in Transcarpathia, a cub with a heart-shaped face was born (VIDEO)

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Rare birds that settled in Beregovo district began to have offspring.

"The little one wants to close him from the whole world": in Transcarpathia, a cub with a heart-shaped face was born (VIDEO)

As the "Voice of the Carpathians" wrote earlier, a round-the-clock stream was launched in Beregovo district directly from the artificial nest of the rare Red Book owl owl.

During the round-the-clock stream, you can watch how babies grow and how adult birds feed them. They are also popularly called "a bird with a heart-shaped face".

This year there were 7 eggs in their nest, and just yesterday, April 2, the first baby hatched. 

"Happy birthday to the first owlet and its barn owl parents.

Therefore, April 2 is the date of hatching of the first chick in the barn owl clutch in 2024," the post reads .

You can follow the online broadcasts on the website and YouTube channel.


The barn owl is the most famous representative of the order Owls. The recognizable appearance is given to her by a completely white heart-shaped face. Barn owls are fairly common birds that are considered very useful because they control the population of mice and rats in nature.

Barn owl - classification and scientific name

The barn owl belongs to the order Owls and is a member of the Barn Owl family (Titonidae). The latter has 20 modern species, which are grouped into two genera – barn owls and lechus.

The barn owl belongs to the genus of the same name, the Latin name of which is Tyto. It has 17 modern species and many fossil forms. The barn owl is believed to be one of the oldest owls in the world, having been known since the Eocene.

In Ukraine, there is only 1 species – speckled barn owl or common barn owl. Its scientific name is Tyto alba, which translates as "white owl". However, this member of the Barn Owl family should not be confused with the snowy owl from the Owl family, which has a similar name but is distinguished by yellow eyes.

The English name of this bird translates as "barn owl". This is due to the fact that barn owls usually settle in abandoned barns. The Ukrainian name comes from the hoarse sounds that are characteristic of these birds.

The speckled barn owl is the only species of barn owls found in Ukraine. This bird is breeding in Transcarpathia.

Interesting fact! In England, the barn owl often lives in cemeteries, which is why it is known as a herald bird from the afterlife.

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