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This transport was a reality: the city was "dissected" by the "steam engine" sung in songs (PHOTOS)

Culture Berehovo

Such transport was useful on one of the streets of the city of Berehovo.

This transport was a reality: the city was "dissected" by the "steam engine" sung in songs (PHOTOS)

More than 100 years ago, such transport was a reality.

"The same "steam engine" that you all sing about)) Steam roller against the background of Beregovo secondary school No. 4. Lajos Kossuth was photographed in 1921 by Florian Zapletal," Mykhailo Markovych wrote .

It is also noted that the photo is taken from the Archive of Mykola Mushynka.

According to "V eregovo.today", Florian Zapletal  is a Czech publicist, historian, ethnographer, art critic, photographer, researcher of Transcarpathian Ukrainian culture. In May 1919, Zapletal was appointed head of the press service of Subcarpathian Rus (Transcarpathia). In July of the same year, he embarked on his first six-week trip to the region (driving and walking), from which he returned to Prague with rich research material and vivid impressions. In October 1919, Zapletal repeated his trip to Transcarpathia, the main subject of his interests being wooden church architecture. As a result of his travels, he informed the Prague central authorities about the state of protection of cultural monuments in Transcarpathia. In 1920, Zapletal was appointed to the position of authorized representative of the Czechoslovak government in Subcarpathian Ruthenia. Later, he became a personal secretary ("personal adviser") to the first governor of Subcarpathian Ruthenia, Hryhoriy Zhatkovych, who arrived in Transcarpathia from the United States in April 1920. According to his diaries, letters and travel notebooks, by the end of the 1920s. He made more than a dozen trips to Transcarpathia, and from each of them he returned with valuable photographs of wooden churches. Usually he combined his expeditions with official duties. Academician Mykola Mushynka wrote in detail about Zapletal's life and work.

Earlier, we wrote that a rare photo on the porch of the palace in Muzhievo was shown on the network.

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