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"It may turn out to be a game of chance": Transcarpathians are offered an interesting attraction (VIDEO)

19.03.2024 01:04 Society

Everyone who loves nature and its "children" has a unique opportunity to observe the nest of rare birds that have settled in Transcarpathia.

Everyone who loves nature and its

In the Beregovo district of Transcarpathia, a surveillance camera was installed in an artificial nest of a barn owl or, as they are also popularly called "a bird with a heart-shaped face".

The nesting box was installed back in 2021, and in May 2023, a record number of eggs appeared there — 10.
Anyone and from anywhere in the world can watch the nest of these rare birds, the main thing is to have access to the Internet. At the moment, 7 eggs can already be seen in the nest, and perhaps this is not the entire clutch.

"Do you think this is already a complete clutch? Watching a family of barn owls can be a gamble," reads a post on the page of the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds / Transcarpathia.

You can follow the online broadcasts on the website and YouTube channel.

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