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The "most expensive" wild berries are blooming and there are already porcini mushrooms: the spring phenomenon has spread Ukraine

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Photos of spring trophies are shared on Facebook.

The "most expensive" wild berries are blooming and there are already porcini mushrooms: the spring phenomenon has spread Ukraine

For more than a month, the regions of Ukraine have been raking in the first spring delicacies. It should be noted that one of the very first spring mushrooms hunted for in the forests of Ukraine and, in particular, Transcarpathia, is the sarcoscypha. It is also currently being collected in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Full containers with an interesting trophy are exhibited in the popular Ukrainian community "Mushrooms".

Sarcoscypha is also popularly called "elf's bowl", "elven fire", "cuckoo's shoes". They grow only in ecologically clean forests. It is not only a delicious edible mushroom, from which salads are prepared, fried, pickled and stewed, but also medicinal.

Also now, in addition to sarcoscypha, mushroom pickers are already hunting for morels, which, according to gourmets, mushrooms are no less tasty. They are popularly called "grandmother's ears". It is not uncommon to see these first mushrooms of the season in Transcarpathian markets. At the same time, both the sarcoscypha and morel mushrooms are conditionally edible mushrooms and are consumed after effective heat treatment. According to some of the Facebook contributors, there have been cases of poisoning with these mushrooms. Therefore, not everyone risks savoring the "praised" gifts of forests.

Currently, the first porcini mushrooms have already appeared in Ukrainian forests. However, they can only be found in certain places where it is warmer and the weather is conducive to this phenomenon at this time. So, the photo of the find was shared on Facebook. They do not specify where they found it, but they note in the post that this year's harvest. The probable location is Ivano-Frankivsk region.

But in Transcarpathia, porcini mushrooms are not yet collected, because it is still too early. Here, the season of the first whites will begin around May, as mushroom pickers note, and therefore the mass collection of beeches starts from June and almost until November. Although last year they were even in December.

At the same time, meadows with strawberries that are already blooming are already being found in the region. 

Recall that last year the harvest of the first strawberries in the  region was sold from 400 hryvnia per liter

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