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"Some brains under the leaves": what kind of finds are being found with sticks in the Transcarpathian forests?

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It is the second spring month in the region, and residents have been in a hurry to find finds in the forest since March.

"Some brains under the leaves": what kind of finds are being found with sticks in the Transcarpathian forests?

Due to the warm weather in the regions of Ukraine, they have been raking for more than a month and impressing the audience in social communities with envious photos of the first spring trophies. Mushrooms are currently found in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia. One of the first unique spring delicacies is the sarcoscypha.

We have already written about it in a previous publication. The mushroom looks like a bowl, so it is not for nothing that it is called "elf's bowl", "elven fire", etc. A red delicacy. It remains so even after heat treatment, which is another feature of the unique mushroom.

And although the mushroom is not as nutritious in terms of nutritional value as porcini mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, chanterelles, gourmets love to taste it. Moreover, some people consider these first spring mushrooms to be even tastier than porcini ones. The "elf's bowl" mushroom is currently actively harvested in Transcarpathia. At the same time, some are afraid of such spring "delicacies", so they are waiting for the appearance of the first white ones. But for the white "Carpathian gold" - beech - you should wait.

They will appear in the region, traditionally, in May. They are also called the first May porcini mushrooms. Usually, according to mushroom pickers, porcini mushrooms begin to appear immediately after morels - also a favorite spring mushroom among the countrymen, which is often sold at local markets. In Uzhgorod region, the season of quiet hunting for these mushrooms has already been opened last month.

The mushroom is very funny in appearance - with a curly cap reminiscent of miniature convolutions of the brain, but this is what kind of imagination it has. Sometimes it is difficult to notice it between the leaves, as in the photo from Facebook, published the other day in the "Mushrooms" group. In the photo, the mushroom was successfully disguised in order to be searched for.

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