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"Creates a special sound": a unique instrument is used instead of bells (VIDEO)

Culture Mukachevo

Riveting, beating, pounding, derkach — this is the name of one unique instrument.

"Creates a special sound": a unique instrument is used instead of bells (VIDEO)

Transcarpathia is a region with many ancient traditions, including those related to the Bright Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Every year on Good Friday, instead of the usual bells, a unique tool is used to carry out the shroud – a derkach. It is a device made of wood, where the slats hit the wooden case, creating a special sound.

Since the 8th century, there has been a tradition of keeping silent from Holy Thursday to the night of the Resurrection, known as the period of "quiet days". This practice has a deep symbolic meaning, for it is a reminder of the suffering and great self-sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

And although we are talking about one of the churches in Mukachevo, the same tradition is observed in all districts of our region. In each settlement, children ran with interest to listen to these strange sounds and really wanted to see the instrument that made them. But this tool is called differently, but they all have the same essence.

Video: Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Mukachevo.

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