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New changes await Ukrainian refugees: what you need to know

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Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic expect changes. In particular, Ukrainians with temporary protection will be able to obtain a long-term residence permit in the country .

New changes await Ukrainian refugees: what you need to know

The corresponding proposal to the legislation was recently published by the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs, writes the publication proukrainu. 

What will change for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic?

Ukrainians will be able to refuse temporary protection and obtain long-term documents in the Czech Republic. Such changes are proposed to be made to the Lex Ukrajina law.

The authorities of the Czech Republic in the new Lex Ukrajina 7 propose to expand the possibilities of legalizing their stay for people from Ukraine. Refugees will be able to voluntarily switch to a special long-term type of residence. Those who do not want to receive a new status or do not meet the conditions will be able to stay with temporary protection.

As explained by the Minister of Internal Affairs Vit Rakushan, economically independent refugees will be able to apply for standard long-term residence permits - those who will have a place and something to live for and will not depend on state aid.

"The institution of temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees will continue to work. Some of them want to stay in the Czech Republic for a long time and have a clear perspective. Therefore, we offer economically active refugees from Ukraine the opportunity to obtain a long-term type of residence similar to that of other foreigners from non-EU countries," the statement said.

Rights of Ukrainians in the Czech Republic within the framework of long-term residence

Ukrainians have long-term residence rights to:

  • free access to the labor market;
  • there is no need to take an adaptation and integration course like other foreigners;
  • a biometric card instead of a visa sticker;
  • only commercial health insurance is available if the refugee is not employed (children remain in the VZP system);
  • all family members will have to apply for long-term residence (for example, only the mother cannot apply for it, and the child will remain with temporary protection);
  • Refugees who have applied for long-term residence will be able to register the vehicle in their name.

Conditions for a special type of accommodation:

  • must stay in the Czech Republic for at least 2 years;
  • you must have a foreign passport;
  • a document confirming financial support for your stay in the territory of the Czech Republic;
  • a document confirming the place of residence in the territory of the Czech Republic;
  • police clearance certificate;
  • compulsory school attendance in the Czech Republic for children.

The extension of temporary protection after 2025 will be the same as in 2024. The first step will be online registration, and then a visit to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to obtain a visa sticker.

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