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"An excited man ran in with the words...": what happened in Vynogradiv district after midnight? (PHOTOS)

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In Vynogradiv itself, near Pereni Park, we had to stop a car.

"An excited man ran in with the words...": what happened in Vynogradiv district after midnight? (PHOTOS)

At night, an unexpected, but at the same time pleasant event happened - the birth of a little girl.

The happy news was shared by emergency medics.

It is noted that today, team No. 804 (paramedic Maksym Andrashko and driver Yevhen TOTAR)  successfully delivered a baby in an ambulance.

"At night, at about 0.45 a.m., an agitated man ran into the premises of the permanent EMS base in the village of Chornotysovo with the words: "Help. My wife gives birth!" says paramedic Maksym Andrashko. As it turned out, a 27-year-old  woman  in labor began contractions, and her husband decided to take her to the Vynogradiv hospital on his own. However, in the car, labor activity rapidly intensified, the waters broke and the contractions were every 2-3 minutes.  Together with the driver, we acted quickly: we put the woman in an ambulance and rushed to the hospital."

However, the fate of the birth was determined a few hundred meters before the medical facility:  in Vynogradiv itself, near Pereni Park, a medical car had to be stopped.

"When the birth entered the second phase, the car was immediately stopped. I instantly remembered everything that was taught at the medical school and at the training center courses," says the paramedic. Together with the driver, we worked together as one team. Everything happened without complications and a wonderful healthy girl was born: 2800 grams and 47 cm of pure happiness. We carried out all the necessary manipulations and transported the mother and newborn to a medical facility."   

For the young paramedic Maksym ANDRASHKO, this is the first birth on wheels. The young man has been working in an emergency room  for 8 months, a year ago he graduated.

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