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To enjoy or to pay?: it is known that Transcarpathians make from "birch tears"

21.03.2024 21:50 Society Exclusive Голос Карпат

In the region, the time has started to prepare one of the useful spring drinks.

In the region, the time has started to prepare one of the useful spring drinks.

Residents of the region have been extracting one  of the healing spring drinks - birch sap - for more than a week. The price for a liter of fresh "birch tears" is from 5-7 hryvnia. It is currently being harvested in Perechyn district.

Skillful Transcarpathian farmers prepare delicious preserves and even healing birch kvass from birch sap. And here is one of the recipes for a birch drink:

For 10 liters of juice, you need 300 g of dried fruits and 3 tablespoons of raisins.

Strain the birch sap and pour into a bottle. Add all ingredients according to the recipe - raisins and dried fruits if desired (dried apples, pears and plums). Clamp the bottle tightly with gauze and put it in a dark place at room temperature. The juice should start to ferment. It must be stirred from time to time.

In almost a week, birch sap will turn into fragrant kvass. Then it still needs to be filtered through cheesecloth or a fine sieve. Therefore, the already formed kvass is poured into containers for storage.

Canned juice and juice preparations are usually stored in dark and cool places. Most often - in basements or cellars.

Breza juice is used in the treatment of a number of diseases: bronchitis, kidney stone disease, eczema, gout and others. It is also recommended for metabolic disorders in the body.

Of course, professionals are engaged in the extraction of juice. In this regard, a permitted  collection method is used - using a metal tube. It is placed in a neatly drilled hole in the trunk of the tree so that the sap flows through the tube directly to the container, which is installed next to the trunk. It should be noted that lack of knowledge in this matter can cause some harm to green spaces, foresters say. In addition, you should know that a special condition for collecting sap is the presence of a mandatory permit from the forestry. In case of violation of this requirement, administrative or criminal, in the worst case, liability is provided.

Recall that in case of violations in the collection of juice, procurers will have to pay a hefty fine.

People are warned that the illegal harvesting of birch sap within the settlement, in green areas, parks and squares is a violation of paragraph 4.2 of the Rules for the maintenance of green spaces in settlements, the responsibility for which is provided for in Article 152 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. It entails an administrative fine in the amount of 340 to 1700 hryvnias.

It is noted that in Ukraine it is also forbidden to collect birch sap at the facilities and territories of the nature reserve fund. This is also punishable (under Article 91 of the Code of Administrative Offenses) in the form of a fine of 153 to 408 hryvnias. In addition, there is a confiscation of means and tools of extraction.

Who is allowed to collect birch sap?

This does not mean that it is completely forbidden to collect birch sap in Ukraine. Municipal and state forestry enterprises, entrepreneurs and individuals who have received the appropriate permission for this - "forest ticket" - have the right to do this. It gives the right to extract juice in clearly designated places, in compliance with all the rules of harvesting.

At the same time, it should be remembered that non-compliance with the requirements is also punishable (Article 70 of the Code of Administrative Offenses) in the form of a fine of 17 to 51 hryvnias.

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