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Payment for utilities "in a new way": Ukrainians will have to acquire devices and "make friends" with the Internet

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Ukraine plans to change the system of payment for utilities.

Payment for utilities "in a new way": Ukrainians will have to acquire devices and "make friends" with the Internet

In Ukraine, the system of payment for utilities is likely to change soon. It will be carried out only in electronic format, paper payments will be abandoned. Therefore, all Ukrainians who do not yet know online technologies will have to acquire devices and "make friends" with the Internet, writes Today.ua.

A possible rapid transition exclusively to the electronic format of payment for utilities was told in the Municipal Concern "Center for Communal Service".

They report that household consumers will be transferred to payments for utilities exclusively online. At the same time, the information notes that electronic payments are no different from paper ones. They have the same legal force.

"We emphasize that the electronic invoice for payment of housing and communal services has the same legal force as the paper one, because the electronic format is an identical version of the paper invoice-notification," the message says.

At the same time, people will not need to stand in line at the cash desks to pay for utilities in cash. All calculations can be done online either from home or from any other location.

There may be problems with pensioners

Unfortunately, not all pensioners have a computer with the Internet at home and not everyone has smartphones. Many people use an old push-button "babophone" solely to keep in touch with their relatives.

The reasons may be different. The simplest and most unpleasant is the lack of money to buy a smartphone (computer, laptop). And, in addition, the lack of money to pay for the Internet monthly. For the minimum pension, which does not reach even 3 thousand, you can't really accelerate. However, our government has set a course for the total digitalization of the state, and it has no time to bother thinking about such "trifles".

In addition, a pensioner is different from a pensioner. For example, 60-year-old "young men" who have recently joined the ranks of the Pension Fund's wards are almost universally computer literate, which cannot be said about 80 or 90-year-old pensioners with experience. Among them, there are much fewer of those who are familiar with digital technologies.

However, be that as it may, paper payments will be abandoned. This means that all pensioners will have to either urgently master online technologies or look for an advanced young relative (neighbor) who will make all payments on their behalf.

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