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Electricity tariffs in Ukraine will skyrocket: what does the Ministry of Energy say about the billion-dollar "debt trap"?

28.03.2024 14:52 Society Голос Карпат

Residents of Ukraine are voiced not very pleasant forecasts. Electricity tariffs may increase.

Residents of Ukraine are voiced not very pleasant forecasts. Electricity tariffs may increase.

Cross-debts in the electricity market have now exceeded UAH 120 billion and continue to grow, according to the Ministry of Energy.

As a result of the massive shelling of the energy infrastructure that took place on March 24, the rise in electricity tariffs is no exception. At the same time, even an increase in the tariff for the population will not solve any problems. This was stated by the Energy Research Center, Channel 24 reports. They noted that the electricity market model that works in Ukraine did not work very well in peacetime. This is due to the large number of administrative influences of the government.

"During the war, it is not effective enough. Cross-debts in the electricity market have now exceeded UAH 120 billion and continue to grow," Oleksandr Kharchenko said.

Yes, in a situation where there are debts and no free funds, restoring the energy sector and even preparing for the next heating season is a very difficult task. End of the heating season In some cities of Ukraine, the heating season ends ahead of schedule. But, most likely, the factor of warm weather has more influence here.

"If you turn off the heating, and it is cold, then people will simply turn on the electric heating in all ways available to them - that is, air conditioners, heaters. And, as a result, there will be an increase in consumption, not a decrease," added the director of the Energy Research Center.

Therefore, in his opinion, the decision to stop the heating season is primarily due to warming. If the weather forecasts come true, then there is no point in keeping the heating system in working order. This will save gas consumption. The situation in the power system Currently, the situation with the power system is very difficult in the Kharkiv region, Odesa and Kryvyi Rih. According to Kharchenko, blackout schedules will be in effect in these regions for at least two to three weeks until a more or less stable power supply is restored.

"It will take at least two weeks now. As for on a national scale, we have a huge problem – we have lost a large amount of generation. In general, the situation is quite difficult," said the director of the Energy Research Center.

Without electricity imports from European countries, Ukraine would most likely have to restrict consumers at the national level. However, electricity consumption is currently low. In addition, there is the support of allies. Therefore, Ukraine is generally in a stable situation.

"Our international partners have repeatedly provided support, and I am sure that it will continue to work in this way," said Oleksandr Kharchenko.

Recall that earlier we wrote about the revision of the tariff by the Cabinet of Ministers for the near future. Minister of Energy German Galushchenko spoke about the current situation in this regard. According to the minister, Ukrainians should not worry that the electricity tariff in 2024 will be increased to 6 hryvnias.

"It's just some kind of fake news. It is not justified by anything. But, indeed, until the end of the heating season, the tariff will not change, because there is a resolution that is valid until May 1," the Minister of Energy said. But in April, according to Galushchenko, the Cabinet of Ministers is going to revise the situation in the energy sector, but now there is no question of increasing the electricity tariff.
"The National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission is also not moving in this direction. Accordingly, there are no draft decisions on the table today. That is, there is definitely no date for the increase," German Galushchenko stressed.

Electricity tariff from March 1 The head of the Ministry of Energy said that from March 1, Ukrainians will be sold electricity at UAH 2.64 per kW. This tariff was set from June 2023. In March, according to experts, an increase in electricity tariffs is unlikely to be expected. At the same time, they may increase in May-June.

We will remind you how to save on electricity with the help of the "night tariff".

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