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In Transcarpathia, a firewood machine this year is a golden luxury: how much will solid fuel cost residents?

25.03.2024 10:34 Society Exclusive Голос Карпат

In the region, firewood is becoming significantly more expensive, and people do not have enough salaries.

In the region, firewood is becoming significantly more expensive, and people do not have enough salaries.

Despite the fact that the heating season has come to an end, the month of March is still quite cold and Transcarpathians have to light a fire in stoves.

Over the past period, firewood has not become cheaper, the countrymen note, and in order to buy it, it will be necessary to shake a lot of money out of wallets. It is even more difficult in this situation for pensioners surviving on 2000 hryvnias. Of the meager savings, as noted, there is often not enough for the most necessary things - food and medicine, which have also risen in price and hit the pockets.

Last year, a machine of firewood in the region could be purchased from 10-12 thousand.

Now the firewood has become even more "golden" - 13-15 thousand. And this is without taking into account the additional costs of cutting solid fuel and paying employees for this work. Note that earlier we wrote that in order to cut firewood with a chainsaw, you should pay from your wallet from 1000-1500 hryvnia. This year, the amount will be much higher.

Recall that some Ukrainians have the right to receive solid fuel (firewood) with discounts of various sizes and even free of charge.

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 373, the following categories of the population can receive a discount: 50% for family members of the deceased, a 75% discount for a combatant, a 100% discount for citizens who have acquired a disability as a result of the war.

Citizens who belong to one of these categories must live in houses where there is no central heating. Such assistance can be used to purchase liquefied gas, firewood, coal, briquettes and other fuel for heating houses.

To receive assistance, you must contact the social security unit at your place of residence.

Pensioners who have worked in a certain profession and live in rural areas are entitled to receive a 100% discount.

This benefit can be used by former employees: Teachers Physicians and pharmacists Plant Protection Specialists librarians and museum workers citizens who worked in the field of cultural education, in state and municipal cultural institutions.

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