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A border checkpoint in one of the communities of Zakarpattia and a "surprise" for visitors: there are strict restrictions

19.03.2024 21:06 Society Голос Карпат

A border guard checkpoint was deployed in the city recently.

A border guard checkpoint was deployed in the city recently.

It is known that on March 7 of this year, a border guard checkpoint was opened in the city of Perechyn. We wrote about the restrictions in this regard in a previous publication.

Information on this matter was published by the head of the Perechyn AH on the official Facebook page. He appealed to the residents to treat the urgent situation with understanding.

Facebook immediately began to discuss the feasibility of the newly formed checkpoint in the city center. People expressed a number of outrages, as similar posts are already operating at the entrance to Perechyn (next to the lyceum on the outskirts of the village of Simer) and in the direction of Zarichiv and the village of Dubrynychi (next to the railway track).

And yet, the need to create a border guard checkpoint in the center of Perechyn, where no one had thought about it before,  is by no means "absurd".  As it turns out, the settlement is located in the border zone and therefore such actions are absolutely logical. But those entering the city should now take into account the following requirements.

According to the State Tax Service, the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs came into force, which approved the form of decisions that give permission for entry, stay, residence, work and passage to the border strip determined in accordance with the special regime, to be fixed by the government in December 2023.

This regime provides for the introduction of restrictions on the free entry, stay, residence, work and movement of persons in the border zone (in a section of the area 5 kilometers wide from the state border).

The restrictions are that citizens must obtain permission to enter, stay and carry out work within the border strip from the relevant body of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (border detachment of the relevant region).

"At the same time, aerial work, construction, felling of trees and shrubs, water use, geological study, road and other research, hydrotechnical, land management, land reclamation, diving works, video, film and photography of the area, tourist trips and parachute jumps and other activities within the border zone should also be carried out with the permission and after informing the State Border Guard Service before directly carrying out such activities," the statement reads. notification of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

In addition, the categories of persons who do not need to obtain such permits are determined:

  • persons entering the border zone in order to cross the state border at checkpoints (control points) across the state border;
  • truck drivers and accompanying persons entering the border zone for the purpose of multimodal transportation;
  • persons whose movement begins and ends outside the border zone, who move by motor transport on public roads of state importance, by rail transport by railways, some of which pass through the areas where the border strip is established, without making stops, exiting at railway stations in the border zone;
  • and other persons according to the specified list.

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