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Checkpoint of discord in Transcarpathia: local residents are shocked by the latest events in one of the districts of the region

08.03.2024 09:16 Society Голос Карпат

Negative emotions are poured out on Facebook.

Negative emotions are poured out on Facebook.

In Perechyn district, as previously reported by the "Voice of the Carpathians", a border checkpoint was established. Certain restrictions for locals and visitors came into force yesterday, March 7.

For the first time in the entire period, the checkpoint was deployed in Perechyn, on one of the local streets. This was announced by the mayor of the city Ivan Pohoriliak. He noted in the post that such actions are introduced in order to tighten control over the local territory, because the district center, the city of Perechyn, is located in the border zone.

Currently, some discussions have been heated on Facebook about the relevance of the checkpoint in Perechyn. People write that soon there will be nothing but checkpoints in the Perechyn region, and car drivers will be stopped at almost every step. It should be noted that in the Perechyn district, a checkpoint has already been installed at the entrance to Perechyn near the lyceum, as well as in the direction of the village of Zarichevo. There is also a border checkpoint next to the railway station in the village of Nevytske. According to local residents, at these three facilities, strict control of vehicles, including public transport, is constantly carried out. In particular, checks are carried out on male conscripts, asking them for passports, driver's licenses, etc., to make sure that the person is really who they say they are. It is not uncommon  for men to be served with summonses during such inspections. It also happened that a person was taken to the military registration and enlistment office directly from the bus. The incident was recorded by a journalist of the Voice of the Carpathians. The shuttle bus was stopped by "men in uniform" between the villages of Simer and Turya-Remeta.

As for the checkpoint in Perechyn, which was opened the day before, people write extremely dissatisfied comments under the published post of the head of the Perechyn AH on Facebook. For the most part, the comments note that it was better to  deploy such checkpoints at the entrances and exits to popular resorts, where there is an opportunity to catch many physically healthy men who, instead of the front and protecting Ukraine from the enemy, choose to rest at this time. Meanwhile, at checkpoints within settlements, the "last beggar" is being caught, eyewitnesses note in their posts.

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