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"Lungs" lay on the rock: a rare find in the Carpathians stirred up the network (PHOTOS)

27.02.2024 21:31 0 Society

A rare Red Book beauty was found in a new place of growth.

An interesting and unusual find was shared online.

"In the Kuzia massif of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, on moss-covered rocks and trunks of old beeches, lobaria lung-like grows - a leafy epiphytic lichen from the genus Lobaria, which is very sensitive to changes in forest ecosystems," the post says.

This lichen is also found in the Svydovets, Chornohora, Maramureş and Uholsko-Shyrokoluzhanskyi massifs of the reserve.

The new habitat of lobaria was recorded by scientists of the botanical laboratory during the survey of the territory of the Dilovetske forestry of the branch "Velykyi Bychkivske forestry and hunting enterprise" of the State Enterprise "Forests of Ukraine", which became part of the reserve dated 02.01.2022 No. 5 in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine.

Previously, the species was widespread in Europe, but now, due to air pollution and disturbance of biotopes, it has disappeared in many places, therefore it is included in the Red Book of Ukraine with the status of "vulnerable".

The vegetative body (thallus) of lichen consists of leathery, with a pattern of depressions, green lobes, often with an olive tint.

Interesting features of the species:

  1. Due to its resemblance to lung tissue, a decoction of lobaria, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, has long been used to treat lung diseases, asthma, tuberculosis;
  2. contains drainage and gyrophoric acid, which protects lichen from being eaten by herbivores;
  3. the upper layer of the thallus contains melanin, which protects the lichen from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays;
  4. It is used to produce orange dye for wool, in leather tanning, in the perfume industry and as an ingredient in the production of beer.

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