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Borshutsyn is a little-known hydrological treasure: where to look for a mountain "highlight" between two districts of the region (PHOTOS)

28.03.2024 14:17 Society Exclusive Голос Карпат

In Transcarpathia there are many unique and mysterious places with miraculous mountain springs.

In Transcarpathia there are many unique and mysterious places with miraculous mountain springs.

The nature of the region is incredibly rich and attracts numerous tourists with its treasures every time. Indeed, there is something to go for and something to see. Just look at the picturesque places hidden in the mountains, in the villages, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, closer to the mesmerizing landscapes of wild forests. One of the unique natural resources in Transcarpathia is meadows and mountain peaks. You are drawn here at any time. And at the foot of the emerald mountain nature, incredible objects are hidden. Many hydrological finds are located at the foot of one of the largest meadows in the Ukrainian Carpathians - Polonyna Runii.

The mountain range unites two districts - Perechyn and Velykyi Bereznya districts and is well known to tourists. At the same time, in the mountain villages, near Polonyna, little-known, but fascinating reservoirs pulsate. One of these is the stream or the Borshutsyn River. It is a right tributary of the Turya River (Danube basin).

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The length of the stream is about 9.50 km. The shortest distance between the source and the mouth is 8.00 km. It is formed by many streams. It originates on the south-western side of the village of Lypovets and on the south-western slopes of the plateau (826.2 m). It flows mainly southwest through the beech forest, between the mountains Yavirnyk (704.8 m) and Prypur (351.0 m), through the village of Mokra and on the north-eastern outskirts of the village of Turya Pasika flows into the Turya River, the left tributary of the Uzh River.

From Perechyn district to Svalyava district

From the mouth of the stream on the southern side, at a distance of about 490.12 m, there is the highway T 0712 (a highway of territorial significance in the Zakarpattia region, runs through the territory of Perechyn and Svalyava districts through Perechyn - Svalyava, the total length is 52.1 km.). In some sources, this watercourse is called Mokryanskyi Potok, and the Borsuchyn stream is indicated as its left tributary in the village of Mokra (one of the villages of the Turya-Remetiv community). We have already mentioned the village of Mokra in a previous publication 

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