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"Oh, apparently, pensions were raised for disabled people": a blatant case of impudence was shown on the network (PHOTOS)

10.03.2024 22:09 Society

An unpleasant incident was recorded in Uzhgorod near one of the shopping malls.

An unpleasant incident was recorded in Uzhgorod near one of the shopping malls.

In Transcarpathia, drivers often neglect the rules and violate them, but people are especially indignant at quite wealthy drivers in elite cars, for whom the rules do not seem to be written. 

Thus, in the city on the Uzh River, one of the facts of such a violation was recorded in the photo, namely, an elite car parked in a parking space for people with disabilities.

The photo clearly shows that cars with registration numbers of Kharkiv and Zakarpattia regions and the Czech Republic are parked in places for people with disabilities.

"Oh, apparently, disabled people have had their pensions raised...", the author of the photo wrote briefly .

But in the comments, netizens have guessed who actually drives such cars and there are a lot of assumptions.

Here's what commenters write:

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case of such disrespect for people who really find themselves in a wheelchair and who have to overcome difficulties every day and fight with those who often do not consider them to be people.

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