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Wind farms on protected peaks: footage of the construction of windmills was shown on the network (VIDEO)

17.02.2024 20:47 Society

The second windmill is being installed on the Veretsky Pass, Nyzhnyovorotska community.

The second windmill is being installed on the Veretsky Pass, Nyzhnyovorotska community.

Perhaps only the lazy do not know that the construction of windmills has begun on the Carpathian slopes within the Transcarpathian region.

The network showed a short video filmed during the work on the meadow.

" What does the construction of windmills look like. In the first video, the mountain elevation is destroyed to fill the lowland and level the road to the second windmill. Veretsky Pass, Nyzhnyovorotska community," the description of the video reads. 

Earlier, EcoPolitic wrote, that there are still heated discussions on Facebook regarding the installation of wind farms on protected peaks.

We are talking about already known windmills, namely modern wind turbines or wind farms, which will continue to operate in the region and in the highlands of the Carpathians.

Why they are trying to build wind farms on the territories of mountain meadows, including Polonyna Runa, is still incomprehensible to many nature activists. At the same time, projects for the construction of modern wind farms are currently being successfully implemented in local communities.

It is already known that one of the powerful wind farms has begun to be built in the Nyzhnyovorotska community. The work is carried out by the private company "Wind Parks of Ukraine".

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