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"The newest lawn mower, will there be cheese?": Facebook discusses a funny herd that "mowed" the lawn in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

Közösség Munkács

Facebook was amused by a flock of sheep grazing in the center of Uzhgorod.

"The newest lawn mower, will there be cheese?": Facebook discusses a funny herd that "mowed" the lawn in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

What kind of shots you can't "catch" at this time, and even in the picturesque Transcarpathia with its impressive objects  and living creatures.

Either horses will be filmed by passers-by in the city near the fountain, or in the park, or even a whole  flock of sheep, as in Uzhhorod.

A funny photo with a flock of sheep in the city was shared on Facebook. The post noted: "in Uzhgorod, a flock of sheep was spotted on one of the streets." We are talking about the street of Carpathian Ukraine. Probably, the author of the photo did not expect to notice these animals right in the city center, and it is unlikely that grazing sheep on lawns in cities is common. At the same time, as it turns out, it is not the first time that sheep graze there and for more than one year they could be seen on this street. Therefore, they do not see any sensation in this regard. But what they write in the comments - read below

Earlier, EcoPolitic wrote, that ungulates often roam the gardens of local residents in Perechyn district and cause damage to the crops of the owners. In particular, we are talking about the settlement of Poroshkovo of the Turya-Remetiv community. The problem with horse walking is an annual one, as the villagers note, and they no longer have the strength to fight it.

Horses are also often seen in the center of Uzhhorod and Mukachevo. Sometimes the animals are found exhausted from thirst and barely alive.

But in the city above Latorytsia, it is not the first time that horses walk through the streets and alleys and arrange a "promenade" for themselves.  A black "horned beauty" was also spotted in the center of Velykyi Berezne. The animal was filmed near a government agency.

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