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"Last year there were snakes, and now it's": a Transcarpathian woman has a dangerous "surprise" next to her bed

06.04.2024 21:06 Society Exclusive Голос Карпат

The woman is shocked by the find.

The woman is shocked by the find.

Transcarpathian Mrs. Maria shared a shocking story about how wasps settled in her bedroom. According to the gazdyna, such a find was discovered, or rather "heard" in the wall of the bedroom, between the drywall. Now the woman is afraid and cannot sleep peacefully, saying that wasps can get into the house through gaps in the wall. The building in which the landlady lives is old, as she admits. Probably the wasps have been nesting there for a long time, in her opinion, and over time they made tunnels in the wall and made their way all the way to the drywall.

"Our house is old, made of rolls. Maybe wasps have been nesting there for a long time. There are quite decent gaps outside, so why should they get between the rolls, and then make tunnels in the walls," says Maria. - Last year there were snakes in the house, and now wasps want to get into the house. It will be a disaster if they make their way," the gastron said.
"I heard a noise in the bedroom wall, between the drywall, recently when I  was cleaning. Indeed, the wall was humming and it was heard that like wasps, maybe hornets, or even bees. But there is a lot of something there," says the Transcarpathian woman.
"The nest in the wall is almost next to the bed. In the afternoon I lay down and heard the sound of the sound in the wall. Then I get up and look to see if they are coming out of the holes, out of the sockets. Goosebumps immediately on the body," says Maria.
"I haven't had wasps in my house yet. Here hornets nested in fruit trees in the garden," the interlocutor notes.

It should be noted that last year in the region , a 36-year-old native of the Beregovo district died from a wasp sting while working in the garden. The man suddenly went  into anaphylactic shock, the doctors were powerless.

Two years ago , tragic fatal incidents occurred in Tyachiv and Mukachevo districts.

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