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"It's not poor to sit": Facebook discusses apartments that cost a lot of money in Uzhgorod pre-trial detention center

14.03.2024 20:43 Society Голос Карпат

The Facebook network has become "on its ears".

The Facebook network has become

Recently, resonant news spread around the region, which talked about what  VIP cells look like in one of the Transcarpathian pre-trial detention centers. We are talking about Uzhhorod. It is here, in the pre-trial detention center for individual  prisoners, that all the necessary conditions and amenities in captivity are available. 

Currently, 13 prisoners are kept in such almost "royal chambers". The prisoners themselves comfortably pay for the cell and not a small amount of money.

Since the opening of paid cells with improved conditions in Zakarpattia Penitentiary No. 9, the institution has received more than UAH 1 million from payment for their use. Varosh reports.

According to the head of the Transcarpathian Penitentiary Institution No. 9, Lieutenant Colonel of the Internal Service Ihor Turkalevych, there are 6 paid cells with improved conditions of detention in the penitentiary institution.

As of March 1, 2024, 13 people are being held in such cells.

The cells with improved conditions of detention in the Uzhhorod SIZO are equipped with air conditioning, an electric stove, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a TV set and a boiler. Such cells also have bedroom and kitchen furniture and utensils. There is a shower, a washbasin and a bathroom.

As of March 1, the cost of accommodation in a paid cell with improved conditions is:

  • Daily – 690 UAH
  • Week – 2360 UAH
  • Month – 5320 UAH.

In total, since the opening of paid cameras in Zakarpattia Penitentiary No. 9 on August 1, 2020, the institution has received 1 million 115 thousand hryvnias from their payment. UAH.

With the funds received from the payment for placement in paid cells, the institution carried out current repairs of free cells, carried out current repairs of the boiler room, bomb shelter and part of the roof of the regime building, replaced the electrical wiring and installed a cable network to connect video surveillance cameras and motion sensors.

Also, these funds were used to install metal-plastic windows and doors, purchase tanks for drinking water, kitchen equipment for a paid camera, etc.

People react differently to cells with a "taste of chic" that prisoners in Uzhgorod pre-trial detention center can buy and live in. Some write that the prisoners there live even better than many people at large, so worrying about them, because they have everything and money is not a problem for them. People also compare the conditions behind bars for prisoners in Latvia and write that there are even more luxurious cells than in the Uzhhorod pre-trial detention center.

- And I was going to an old house for 15000 a month. Yes, we are an old house, a cat in prison for 5000 to move in normal conditions. 
The question is: why and for what merits  are such concessions to crooks and bandits? - writes one of the commentators on Facebook.

It should be noted that  in Ukrainian pre-trial detention centers back in 2020, the functioning of paid cells with improved conditions was launched. At the same time, paid cells appeared in the Kyiv pre-trial detention center.

This was announced by the Minister of Justice Denys Maliuska.

Thus, 4 paid cells have been launched in the Kyiv pre-trial detention center: one for a double cell, one for a triple cell and two for a quadruple cell. Other Ukrainian pre-trial detention centers "will catch up a little later," the minister wrote.

The cost of accommodation in such a cell in Kyiv depends on the period for which they pay: it will be UAH 2,000 per day, UAH 8,000 per week, and UAH 12,000 per month.

With the help of paid cameras, they want to remove corruption, when the best camera was paid unofficially, from now on the money will be officially sent to the budget special fund.

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