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There are no obstacles when it is necessary to save lives: in Transcarpathia, doctors "flew" to help a child (PHOTO/VIDEO)

13.03.2024 11:01 Society

It took almost an hour on foot to get to the injured patient in the Tyachiv region

It took almost an hour on foot to get to the injured patient in the Tyachiv region
The call came from the village of RUSKE POLE in the Tyachiv district. The children reported that their friend had fallen from the and complains of severe pain in his arm, and there are no adults around. A medical team immediately responded to the call. On the way, doctors called back to clarify the location of the victim and it turned out that the teenager was injured while having fun on a bicycle in the Dubky tract.

Sharing incident 103 Transcarpathia
The teenager was engaged in freestyle cycling and ski jumping with friends... He braked unsuccessfully and fell off the bike. Now he and his two friends were in the mountains in the forest, waiting for help. Two more children went to meet the ambulance to show the way, doctors say.
The medics left the ambulance near the last house in the village and then went on foot. I had to go off-road through the field, forest and mountains for about 50 minutes...
A 12-year-old boy was waiting for doctors sitting on a tree stump and complaining of pain in his upper chest. After anesthesia and examination, the boy was put on a Dezo fixation bandage and went to the ambulance. Fortunately, local residents left the village in an SUV and the child was taken to an ambulance together with doctors. Therefore, the 12-year-old boy was taken by ambulance to the Tyachiv District Hospital, where an X-ray confirmed a fracture of the collarbone.

"Such "walks" to the place of residence of patients are common in our country. There are a lot of such calls in Lazy and Vilkhivka ," says paramedic Olesya Pelekh. It's good when the weather is good, but when it's snowing, raining, sometimes going on a call turns into a real quest...", the doctors say. 
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