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In Poland, six Ukrainians were injured as a result of a car driving into a crowd: new details are known

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Six Ukrainian citizens were injured as a result of a car driving into a crowd in Szczecin, Poland, on March 1. Among the Ukrainians, four women and one man aged 20 to 42, as well as a five-year-old boy, were injured.

In Poland, six Ukrainians were injured as a result of a car driving into a crowd: new details are known

The Consul of Ukraine in Gdansk , Oleksandr Plodysty, told Ukrinform that the victims Ukrainians received injuries of varying severity and are in three hospitals.

– A 41-year-old woman is in critical condition, her five-year-old child was also injured, who has a concussion, - said Plodysty.

According to him, today the doctor said that the condition of the woman, who is in critical condition, has stabilized, there is currently no threat to their life.

The injured child will stay in the same hospital with his mother for another 2-3 days, he is taken care of by family friends. The condition of other Ukrainians is stable.

What is known about entering the crowd in Szczecin

The incident took place on Friday, March 1, after 15:00 local time on the central Rodla Square in Szczecin.

The 33-year-old driver of the Ford Focus hit people crossing the road at the intersection, and then pedestrians on the sidewalk. The car was moving at a speed of 30-40 km/h and did not try to brake. In total, 20 people from 5 to 62 years old were injured as a result of the collision .

After the incident, the driver tried to flee the scene, causing an accident with four cars, where four people were also injured.

The offender was detained by concerned eyewitnesses and handed over to the police. The man had not previously been prosecuted and had a driver's license. He was taken to a police detention center. The tests did not show positive results for alcohol or drugs.

Polish RMF24 writes that the man has been undergoing psychiatric treatment for four years. He told the police that he drove onto the crowded sidewalk because he was afraid of something and it seemed to him that he was being chased.

The prosecutor's office brought four charges against the man: creating an emergency situation on land transport, attempted murder of several people, fleeing the scene and causing bodily harm.

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