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Tisza, whose name often appears in the news, attracts attention with its constant tragedies. According to official statistics, 22 Ukrainians have already died trying to...
08.04.2024 1077 Society
Ukraine and Hungary agreed on the opening of the Velika Palad - Nagyhodos checkpoint for passenger vehicles, as well as the possibility of moving empty trucks weighing...
08.04.2024 1653 Without borders
The Bushtyn community has lost its defender again.
08.04.2024 2085 Society
The region has a cherry blossom period. They attract both locals and tourists.
08.04.2024 10405 Society Exclusive
This medal is awarded for sacrificial service to preserve the Spirit of God, freedom and independence.
07.04.2024 197 Society
It is very crowded on the alley of sakura trees in Uzhgorod, but people were attracted by the "novelty".
07.04.2024 12816 Society
Why was the investigative team called in the city on the Uzh River?
07.04.2024 377 Crime