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He saw a company car and tried to get rid of evidence: in Transcarpathia, a man attracted the attention of the police (PHOTOS)

04.03.2024 10:56 Crime

Patrol officers found a man, probably with drugs

Patrol officers found a man, probably with drugs

"While patrolling in Mukachevo, the police found a man who, seeing a service car, threw a package to the side. Later it turned out that it contained a substance of plant origin, outwardly similar to narcotic.
The man did not explain the origin of the substance," the statement said. 
An investigative group was immediately called to the scene to further clarify the circumstances of the case, because the actions of the citizen show signs of a criminal offense under Art. 309 (Illegal production, manufacture, purchase, storage, transportation or shipment of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues without the purpose of sale) of the Criminal Code.

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