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It was nicknamed the next global threat after COVID-19: China made a shocking statement

10.03.2024 23:31 Without borders

The deadly nature and rapid spread are of great concern.

The deadly nature and rapid spread are of great concern.

China made a statement about the growing risk of the "disease X" pandemic, which, according to the WHO, could become the next global threat after COVID-19.

The corresponding statement was made by the head of the State Administration for Disease Control and Prevention of the People's Republic of China, Wang Hesheng, the press service of the Chinese government reported.

Beijing intends to build on the experience of combating COVID-19 and actively prepare for future similar pandemics.

According to Wang Hesheng, the PRC will firmly adhere to the worst-case scenario approach.

In particular, the Chinese authorities intend to improve the mechanism for switching between conventional and emergency response measures, improve the multi-channel monitoring and early warning system, and promote promising infectious disease research to improve preparedness for future pandemics.

Answering a question related to "disease X", Wang said that this epidemic, which has not yet begun, caused by a hypothetical unknown pathogen, has caused great concern around the world due to its deadly nature, rapid spread, ability to mutate and great uncertainty.

The official says this will create unpredictable problems and cause the pandemic to grow due to climate change, the expansion of human activities and interspecies transmission of pathogens.

"While the emergence of 'disease X' is difficult to avoid, there will be ways to contain the potential pandemics resulting from it," he said.

China will actively participate in global public health management, promote cooperation with international organizations such as the WHO and other countries, and actively participate in the drafting of a convention on the pandemic, Wang said.

He also noted that the prevention and control of infectious diseases in China has achieved excellent results.

For reference, disease X is the name of a theoretically unknown pathogen capable of causing an epidemic or pandemic, which was adopted by the WHO in 2018 for the list of pathogens and diseases that require urgent development of drugs or treatments. Such a designation should facilitate the ability to urgently adapt to a new and unknown pathogen, quickly starting the development of a vaccine or treatment.

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